KernFront2: 02942385

Add well construction data and run data. Ignore run metadata fields that are disabled.

This task is closed and unheld.

See DOGGR well records.

Well construction

Spud date 1968-09-22
Abandon date 1987-12-03
Borehole orientation Vertical
Measured depth 2145.000
True vertical depth
Tperf 1785.000
Bperf 2145.000
Water geochem
No well data
Glog unavailable
Notes Perfs may be wrong.

Run headers

Service company Go Western
Tool Induction Electric Log
Date 1968-09-23
Run number ONE
Driller depth 2145.000
Logger depth 2139.000
Log bottom 2138.000
Log top 25.000
Casing size
Bit size
Mud type
Mud density
Mud visc (plastic)
Mud visc (funnel)
Mud ph
Mud fluid loss
Sample source
Circulation stopped time
Logger on bottom time
Time since circulation
Operating rig time

G-log curves

Temperature and mud resistivity observations

Change log

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